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for Moon Juice’s Acid Potion. This resurfacing exfoliator is strong and effective. I found it because I was looking for a less expensive more natural substitute for my P50 addiction. Many people have said it’s comparable if not better. I had to see for myself. The owner created the company becuase she had an auto immune disorder that she was driven to put in remission. “Moon Juice bridges the world of alchemy and biology for functional benefits.” The Acid Potion is designed to be used like a toner. It actively resurfaces skin with 5 acids and many botanicals. It is 25% AHA+BHA. It also has Niacinamide, Tocotrienols, Lactic Acid,Salicylic Acid, and adaptogenic Reishi. I definitely noticed smaller pores and fresher skin.  So get with Moon Juice, and get over ineffective products…


my pony tail holder! I have long, thick, hair- and when I’m working out I need something strong to keep my ponytail high and in place. I have found the solution. It’s Silkies elastics from Mia Beauty. They are made of silicone and designed to last longer than other hair elastics. They are strong, but will not damage your hair. So slip on a silkie, and slip off whatever else….

mousseof my hair. So thank God I found IT&LY hair products. I have been using their Mousse. Yes, Mousse is back! The Purity Design Pure Style Mousse Strong lets me leave the house with wet hair- that dries in controlled waves. It is not left sticky or hard like I thought Mousse would. I use the Purity Design Pure Water Drops on my hair when dry, to add major shine and smooth out any frizz. It is lightweight yet effective. So try out IT&LY and enjoy the control…..

gellakaShellac! I do it myself with Gellaka by Glamour Nails. The results are the same you get in the salon, and the colors come in 75 different choices. The color has lasted for a week so far and no chipping. Gellaka prides themselves on not damaging your nails. So keep them strong and shiny, and put them to good use.



flybarrewith Flybarre, my new workout obsession. Here is what the website says about the class “FlyBarre is a total body sculpting class that blends the best of light weight training, dance, and core strengthening exercises. Using small intense interval exercises choreographed to immersive and inspiring music, FlyBarre quickly reshapes the body for lean, strong, and elongated muscles. Classes are highly energetic, fast-paced, and fun. We change our routines frequently and use a wide variety of props to tighten muscles and keep things interesting. You’ll never experience the same class twice.” I say – it is all that and more. I have never worked my abs like that in my life, and I try every workout craze that comes along. If you are lucky enough to live in Miami, I recommend taking Robin R.’s class. She kicked my butt, and it’s sore! So get with Flybarre and keep that ass tight…..


If they are Omorovicza Facial Mitts. This soft cleansing mitt removes cleansers and masks with ease. Perfectly soft, yet strong enough to do the job. (Read more about Omorovicza’s amazing products here )Put your hand in this mitt and remove your stuck on mask in seconds. So speed up your beauty routine, and your game…..

Add more to your shower routine with Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. It is to be used on wet hair before you shampoo and condition. Perfect for dry hair with split ends. This pre-shampoo treatment does not weigh hair down, yet delivers major moisture to the hair’s cuticle. Your hair is left strong with bounce and elasticity. This product continues to provide uv protection even after washing. So add more to your routine  and your night life….

If your nails are week, brittle,cracked,thin, or just wont grow, you need to start using Nailtiques. There is no better clear polish on the market. I use Nailtiques  formula #2 and nailtiques Cuticle care oil with rollerball applicator. So get with this combo for hard, strong, nails, and leave a mark on a certain someone’s hard strong back…….