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hello relief, thanks to TheraIce RX. I have been using Theraice Rx’s Hot & Cold Compression Sleeve on my knee for a week. It is a game changer! I’m never going back to ice packs or anything else. I love that this product combines the therapy of cold, with the benefits of compression. It reduces pain and swelling while speeding up recovery time. The sleeve stays cold and in place without the annoyance of melted water or freezer burn on your skin. The active compression pushes excess fluid out of the affected area, while the cold temperature constricts blood vessels which reduces pain. You can use the sleeve as a hot tool as well. They have a special headpiece designed for migraines that looks very impressive. So ease your pain with Theraice Rx, and stay cool…


CBD For Life is a skincare and pain management product line you should get to know. All products are infused with 99% pure Cannabidiol (CBD) extract, derived from stems and stalks of industrial hemp with a THC level under 0.3%.They use “essential oils and other active ingredients to aid in reducing pain, inflammation, and stress while promoting anti-aging, rejuvenation, and vibrancy”. My favorite product in the line so far is the face and body wash. I’ve never had an all natural product lather and clean so well. It is designed to clean clogged pores and aid with anti-inflammatory properties. I add the rubs to my daily moisturizing routine to help soreness from the gym. So get your body better with CBD for life, and take your skincare higher…..;)


and you’re going to like mine. My new workout crush is Vibe Class Fitness. It’s an instructed workout where most of the moves are done on a vibrating platform. The class is run in a bootcamp style. Each minute you move to the next exercise, that is shown by both your instructor and a video trainer doing the motion. There are many benefits to the vibration, such as increased circulation, flexibility, cellulite reduction, increased strength, balance, neurological functions, and fat burning. You wear a heart rate monitor to show your calorie burn, and keep you motivated to get and stay in the Red zone(the zone where you’re working your hardest). The workout is 30 minutes,  which is said to be the equivalent of 90 minutes of traditional weight training. You will be sweating and sore when they are done with you. So shakeup your routine with Vibe, and get that booty shaking in the right way…


hum-nutritionHum nutrition is a brand you should get familiar with. They are uniquely selected vitamins shipped to your door.  “by connecting you with a free personal nutritionist, who will review your information to create your free personal profile and products that are rooted in science. Depending on your needs, our nutritionists suggest micro nutrients that help you support your health & beauty goals.” All the vitamins are gluten free, gmo free, and 100% natural, and sustainably sourced. I’ve been taking Runway Ready for better hair, nails, and skin. I can’t wait to try them all. I will be humming about more soon…

March picks;

phyto_marine_cleansing_lotion_6oz__04174__26841.1411070216.800.800I always like a gentle face wash for the morning, especially in the winter. I am loving Le Mieux Phyto Marine Cleansing Lotion. It is a Cream-based, marine-vegetable formulation. Features marine collagen and 7 exotic botanical oils including kukui nut and macadamia nut. It makes my skin feels soft and calm.

T2-wash_webAfter a workout or before bed I am Cleansing with Clear Clinic Laboratories T2 face wash. This clarifying cleanser is formulated with salicylic acid, sulfur and a blend of botanical ingredients, including tea tree oil and peppermint, designed to enhance complexion. It will unclog your pores and destroy bacteria.

Big-Look-Mascara--CapOnApplToSide-.17oz-72dpiI have fallen in love with Pur minerals Big Look MascaraIt is fortified with Argan oil. It never clumps, always lengthens, and reaches every lash. It is nourishing and glamorizing!

post-procedure-recovery-cream-15ml-1421389156I’ve discovered a future go to product. Senté Post-Procedure Recovery Cream. It “powers-up natural healing with enhanced growth factor binding and enablement, reduced redness and irritation, and a reduction in trans-epidermal water loss. Patients recover from in-office procedures more rapidly with greater overall outcome.”

LoveFest_DBL+Zip+Org_FrontI’m storing my products in this cute Soho Beauty Love Fest double zip organizer.

BORCI’m rocking Black Orchid Black Jewel Mid Rise Jegging. They make your butt look fiiiine.

disqI’m fitting in those jeans by working out with the Transformer with Disq at Crunch. “It is a mobile fitness device designed to add resistance to functional movements.” It’s like a Pilates reformer on crack.

Store_Image_Sweet_Potato_120114I’m snacking healthy on Hi I’m Skinny sweet potato sticks. They are non gmo, gluten free, vegan, and addicting.

yes pleaseI just finished Yes Please by Amy Poehler. I highly recommend it. Go for the audio book to hear people like Seth Meyers, and her parents read chapters.

These are my latest March finds, stay tuned for April


Marika has created Marika Miracles Actiewear line of Shape Enhancing products. It features the new and improved elasta tight fabric. I have the slimming capri leggings and they look hot. The elasta tight dry wik fabric keeps you cool, while sucking your stuff in 😉 It has extra tummy control that offers core support, and contoured seams to flatter your body. They’re not uncomfortable like some shapewear, -you just feel the extra bit of control going on. So put on your Marika activewear, and find a hot partner to sweat with…..
20% off for my readers, on any full priced marika miracles purchaese with promo code: miracles ,
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l have found a new core workout that I’m in love with. It’s called Pound. I take the classes at my local crunch gym. You use a pair of Ripstix,  which are one pound weighted drumsticks. The instructor leads you through routines set to the beat of specific songs. It merges, cardio, Pilates, and major core work. Get ready for lots of squats, drumming, and fun. So get your heart rate up and your butt too….

Glisodin skin nutrients Advanced Slimming Formula. This great tasting powder mixes easily with water or your favorite juice. It helps curb your appetite and increase lean muscle. My favorite thing about this product is that one serving has 10grams of protein. It’s a healthy addition to your diet plan. Find it here . So have a scoop of Glisodin for a healthy body, and hit the stairs for a tight ass…..

We spend tons of money on products, and hours in the gym, to achieve the look we want. What if you could have it all without lifting a finger? Well, sorry you can’t. But you can get lots of help with Functionalab advanced Nutricosmetics& Nutraceuticals. They have an array of non prescription supplements to support all your beauty needs. Their packaging is super cute too. A few of my faves; Age defense, Weight Management, Hair Skin & Nails. So head over to, and start swallowing ;)……

I am addicted to exercise. I do it every day, and I like variety. I discovered my new fave way at Crunch gym. It’s called Bouncing with Kangoo Jumps. It’s basically a ski boot with a spring on the bottom. It makes running and aerobics easier and more fun. After a few sessions you will definitely see a difference in your legs and overall body. According to their website there are over 33 health benefits. this one is my fave listed; “A Natural Face Lift Imagine holding a balloon filled with water while you bounce on your bed. Can you visualize what happens to the balloon?
Each cell of your body is like this balloon. Rebounding puts them repeatedly under stress as they need to resist the increased G force (when the balloon reaches the maximum elongation). With time, the cell’s membrane get thicker, thus firmer, and gains elasticity. Your skin is a community of cells. Therefore, rebounding regularly with Kangoo Jumps will firm your skin and increase its elasticity” So mix it up, and get more pleasure 😉