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hello relief, thanks to TheraIce RX. I have been using Theraice Rx’s Hot & Cold Compression Sleeve on my knee for a week. It is a game changer! I’m never going back to ice packs or anything else. I love that this product combines the therapy of cold, with the benefits of compression. It reduces pain and swelling while speeding up recovery time. The sleeve stays cold and in place without the annoyance of melted water or freezer burn on your skin. The active compression pushes excess fluid out of the affected area, while the cold temperature constricts blood vessels which reduces pain. You can use the sleeve as a hot tool as well. They have a special headpiece designed for migraines that looks very impressive. So ease your pain with Theraice Rx, and stay cool…

and she definitely satisfied me. Her name is Inka. Inka is a former Elite model that created the Pearl ice cooling face mask, eye masks, and Pearl Eyes Triball Eye Gel. First I’ll explain the Masks. They can be used hot or cold. Some of the many uses for Cold (other than great for a hangover) are;
  • Instantly rejuvenate the eye contour area
  • smooths out face and eye area zone, helps de-puff your eyes and dark circles
  • Stimulates circulation for a healthy look
  • Soothes skin after sunburn on the beach or after skiing on the slopes, relieves skin wind burn
  • Diminishes swelling and redness from injury and surgery (botox injection, peeling…)
  • Relieves computer eyestrain
  • Great addition to home spa regimen. Combined with exfoliation and followed with hydrating masks
When used hot it relieves tension headaches and nasal congestion.
The Pearl Eyes Triball Eye Gel is amazing. It is instantly cooling and reviving. It’s active ingredients are:
Caffeine helps detoxify the tissues, thus reducing local fat deposits and puffiness.
Carrageenan or red alga has soothing, moisturizing, restructuring properties.
Caprylyl glycol is an “osmotic active” which has physical anti-microbial properties related to its capacity for absorption. (There are also anti-microbial properties that fight against acne skin).
The Swiss Glacial Water is from the glacier of the Diablerets in the Swiss Pre-Alps.
Eyebright extract soothes the skin, prevents irritation, and tones the epidermis.
When used with the mask it’s quite a treat. So hook up with a model…..and take pictures 😉