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I have a new favorite foundation and it’s expensive. Tom Ford’s Traceless Soft Matte Foundation is lux! It is medium to full coverage and feels like nothing on the skin. It has a matte finish with light diffusing microspheres to blur any imperfections. The foundation is infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, E, and Caffeine to plump and care for your skin. It lasts all night and will work in humid environments. If you want to spend the money this is it!

to other sunscreens but my favorite face sunscreen is now Megashade Breakout Proof SPF Serum from Zitsticka. This lightweight sunscreen is made with radiance boosting ingredients. It will block UV rays and neutralize free radicals. It is specialy formulated for sensitive and acne prone skin. So don’t worry about it clogging pores and causing breakouts. It is a chemical/mineral hybrid that provides broad spectrum SPF 50. There is no white cast or pilling. So keep up with your sun protection with Megashade and say bye to burnt, broken out skin….

is definitely Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Vanish. It is a color corrector that is designed to brighten under-eye’s and any other off colored areas. It works amazing alone, or underneath your under-eye concealer. It’s extremely lightweight and easy to use. I use my ring finger to tap and blend it into skin. Try this once, and it will become your new favorite.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked Cosmedix PHA Hydration Peel. It is designed to exfoliate skin, while brightening your complexion. I noticed upon application a slight tingling sensation. Not like a burn at all, more like a lovely cooling “it’s working” feeling. It comes off easily with water. My pores looked tighter and my complexion looked even. It seemed to have lifted some deep in the skin issues to the surface (in a good way). The next morning I noticed soft skin, and a continued even complexion. Though it is said to be gentle enough for all skin types I recommend not following it with any strong skincare. Stick to hydrators and oils verse retinols and acids. It says to use at night so it likely makes your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Body moisturizer is so last year. That’s why I’ve been using B. Fresh’s line of body serums. These are perfect for the summer because they are lightweight and sink into your skin fast. I live in Miami so I’ll definitely be using them year round. The range covers the needs of hydration, exfoliation, brightening, and firming. The line is clean and cruelty free. I love how soft my skin feels with this product. No grease, just smooth skin.

is possible, with Dr. Nigma Talib’s Beauty in a Bottle Multivitamin. Dr. Nigma is a Naturopathic Doctor. She has many celebrity clients such as Kate Bosworth, Sienna Miller, and Penelope Cruz. This vitamin has a beauty blend plus all the necessary vitamins and minerals for a healthy outside and inside. I noticed my skin looked more luminous and my nails grew longer and stronger than they ever have. So get with Beauty in a Bottle, and beautify from the inside out…

natural deodorant favorites! I love both of these brands; Kinko & Corpus. First I’ll discuss Kinko. It is powered by their Microbiomix. Which is a patent pending blend of prebiotics and postbiotics that are designed to balance your microbiome to prevent body odor. It is aluminum free, baking soda free, all natural, and free of preservatives. It soothes and conditions the underarm area, and is oil free so it won’t stain your clothes. Corpus uses advances in plant based chemistry to create effective products that are vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, aluminum free, talc free, and baking soda free. They have a variety of scents to choose from. So sweat less and smell better, the natural way.

It’s time for your products to do more. I love to exfoliate while in the shower, but I love a body wash that lathers. I used to have to choose. Not anymore! Thanks to Prismologie and their Ruby & Cedarwood Foaming Body Scrub. This sustainable, luxurious brand is one you need to get to know. They believe in the impact of color and scent, and it resides throughout their product line. The foaming scrub cleanses while exfoliating with micro-crystals. Sugar Beet and Coconut Extracts moisturize and soften while Mineral rich Vocanic Spring Powder buffs the skin. The Cherry Stone Powder and Pomegranate Enzymes give a deep exfoliation. So get more out of your products with Prismologie, and take full advantage of that shower time…

are you taking care of your scalp? I hope so, good hair starts at the follicle. I am loving May11’s Purifying Scalp Oil, and I think you will too. May11 is a clean & organic haircare line, designed to support healthy hair growth. The Scalp oil is a detoxifying treatment made from Evening Primrose Oil, Castor Oil, and essential oils. It cleanses impurities, calms inflammation, and improves the overall condition of your scalp. I also love their Revitalizing Hair Oil. It uses four high grade oils to support healthy hair growth. It protects and nourishes your strands while enhancing the overall appearance. The May11 packaging and website provides many uses for how best to use these products. I like to use them as a before bed treatment to wake up with healthier hair. So get with May11’s luxurious oils and see why those in the beauty know are all fans…

for Mad Hippie’s Vitamin C Serum. I’ve written about this brand before. I’m happy to report the Vitamin C Serum lives up to the hype. It is often on the list of “best of’s” for vitamin C. This serum uses Ferullic Acid like another popular, but much more expensive product. The Vitamin C in it is Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate. So get Mad with Vitamin C, and get happy with the results….