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araeroropesYou’ll be sweating when you try the new Aeroropes Fitness Conditioning System (Aeroropes Method), created by Lisa Gaylord. “Aeroropes was born from the desire to create a non-impact, aerobic, strength-building, muscle stamina, hand eye coordination, and overall body training system.” The ropes are lightweight,(only 5 lbs.), as opposed to the super heavy ones you see around gyms these days. The workout is created by your force and speed. The larger and faster the undulation of the rope, the more difficult the movement becomes. Basically you do different movements at a cardio pace, working every muscle in your body. So get a grip on Aeroropes, and get stronger for all your sweaty activities….


l have found a new core workout that I’m in love with. It’s called Pound. I take the classes at my local crunch gym. You use a pair of Ripstix,  which are one pound weighted drumsticks. The instructor leads you through routines set to the beat of specific songs. It merges, cardio, Pilates, and major core work. Get ready for lots of squats, drumming, and fun. So get your heart rate up and your butt too….