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and you’re going to like mine. My new workout crush is Vibe Class Fitness. It’s an instructed workout where most of the moves are done on a vibrating platform. The class is run in a bootcamp style. Each minute you move to the next exercise, that is shown by both your instructor and a video trainer doing the motion. There are many benefits to the vibration, such as increased circulation, flexibility, cellulite reduction, increased strength, balance, neurological functions, and fat burning. You wear a heart rate monitor to show your calorie burn, and keep you motivated to get and stay in the Red zone(the zone where you’re working your hardest). The workout is 30 minutes, ¬†which is said to be the equivalent of 90 minutes of traditional weight training. You will be sweating and sore when they are done with you. So shakeup your routine with Vibe, and get that booty shaking in the right way…


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from Tulum, and I want to tell you all about it. I stayed at an eco chic resort, called Amansala. It is a beautiful property, with amazing staff, and incredible food. If you’re looking for a serious fitness trip look into their bikini bootcamp. It is an opportunity to push your fitness level, and drop pounds, in a gorgeous setting. There’s also excursions planned every day, like biking to the cenotes or the mayan ruins. While amansala makes you feel miles away from the world , it is a walk, bike ride, or cab to local bars and restaurants. They also have amazing skin & hair care you can purchase while visiting. Indulge in yoga in their ocean side studio, get a treatment from a mayan healer, or read a book in your beachside hammock. There’s plenty to do, and it’s easy to relax. So plan your escape at Amansala, and come back tan, lean, and serene….