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from Tulum, and I want to tell you all about it. I stayed at an eco chic resort, called Amansala. It is a beautiful property, with amazing staff, and incredible food. If you’re looking for a serious fitness trip look into their bikini bootcamp. It is an opportunity to push your fitness level, and drop pounds, in a gorgeous setting. There’s also excursions planned every day, like biking to the cenotes or the mayan ruins. While amansala makes you feel miles away from the world , it is a walk, bike ride, or cab to local bars and restaurants. They also have amazing skin & hair care you can purchase while visiting. Indulge in yoga in their ocean side studio, get a treatment from a mayan healer, or read a book in your beachside hammock. There’s plenty to do, and it’s easy to relax. So plan your escape at Amansala, and come back tan, lean, and serene….

bionovaya , I said it, ingrowns are a bitch. There are plenty of half-ass products on the market you could waste your time with. Or, you can get into the skin science power of Bionova labs. Their product Folliculitis Bikini uses nano skin technology to fight off ingrowns, itchies, and bacteria. Don’t cover up your goods , show off your stubble free brazilian,,, brazilian bikini of course ­čśë

My Remmington┬áMPT-3000 Precision┬áTrimmer Detailer. Every Man and Woman should have one of these. I have two. I live in Miami, so I’m always in a bikini. I am also incapable of getting a perfect shave. I don’t know why, but I always seem to miss some little one inch spot here or there, ankle or knee. It’s so convenient to do quick touch ups with this little pen size trimmer. I know some women that use it for pesky facial hairs, but I can not vouch for that. I recommend you test a spot and see how it grows in. There are a few good brands out there that work well. Most run under $10, and come with batteries already in them. I Can’t say the same about your other vibrating devices……….;)