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My Aveline razor. It gives you the closest, smoothest, shave possible. The razor has gliding roller balls, a 6 blade cartridge, and a finger controlled handle. The unique design allows for ease of use and control. The rollerballs allow the razor to effortlessly glide along the skin. The cartridge has 6 top quality blades that flex in the center. There is a lubricating strip of Vitamin E, Aloe, and lavender oil. You really have to experience it to realize how much of a difference the unique design makes. I also love their Shea Butter Shave Cream and Botanical Body Lotion. You can order the product on subscription so you don’t have to think about reordering. So get into Aveline, and get out of the shower without cuts….


Or maybe just spring break? Either way, you have some skin prepping to do. Exfoliating has many benefits, and My Skin’s Exfoliating Scrub has even more. This important step is beneficial pre and post wax, shave, and self tan. This one is designed to  invigorate skin by cleansing pores deep down and gently exfoliating surface skin. Infused with Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil And White and Black Willow Bark Extract. It is infused with over five bacterial fighting anti-inflammatories that are perfectly PH balanced. So prep your body with My Skin & Co and bare it all…


between shaves with Soften Her. These pads soften your skin and hair for times when you don’t care to shave. It exfoliates, while helping to prevent ingrowns. This does not get rid of hair. It softens and seems to possibly thin the hair that has grown back. I used it on my legs, and people rave about the results on the bikini line. So soften up those legs and put them around……

with Billy Jealousy’s Hot Towel. I love this stuff! It’s for men, but I use it on my legs and underarms. This unique cream is a water activated heating agent to be applied first, under your regular shaving cream. It heats up allowing your pores to open and you to get a better , closer, shave. So steal your guys products, and his heart…….

PFB Vanish is the best thing for men and women that shave, wax, pluck, or laser. It comes in a convenient roll on applicator, so no need to rub in , and it’s super easy to apply. It prevents and heals ingrown hairs, razor burn, and bumps, from all types of hair removal. Use it morning and night, pre hair removal, and daily after , for best results.  PFB Vanish has a soothing moisturizer,  a pleasant scent, and leaves zero residue. So roll it on, and take it off…..

bionovaya , I said it, ingrowns are a bitch. There are plenty of half-ass products on the market you could waste your time with. Or, you can get into the skin science power of Bionova labs. Their product Folliculitis Bikini uses nano skin technology to fight off ingrowns, itchies, and bacteria. Don’t cover up your goods , show off your stubble free brazilian,,, brazilian bikini of course 😉

My Remmington MPT-3000 Precision Trimmer Detailer. Every Man and Woman should have one of these. I have two. I live in Miami, so I’m always in a bikini. I am also incapable of getting a perfect shave. I don’t know why, but I always seem to miss some little one inch spot here or there, ankle or knee. It’s so convenient to do quick touch ups with this little pen size trimmer. I know some women that use it for pesky facial hairs, but I can not vouch for that. I recommend you test a spot and see how it grows in. There are a few good brands out there that work well. Most run under $10, and come with batteries already in them. I Can’t say the same about your other vibrating devices……….;)

Shave with Schick Intuition Plus Razor. I love this thing. It has the shaving cream/moisturizer around the razor, so no more 2 step process. This is the best razor ever. Not only does it speed up shower time, it has 4 blades to allow a super close shave. Once you buy your first intuition you only need to buy the cartridges as they run out.  Now if only this thing would vibrate?……..