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I’m obsessed with Screen from Gr8Skn. It is an Spf 30 UVA & UVB sunscreen specifically designed for teenagers. It’s great for me because I have oily skin and I can’t deal with heavy sunscreens. The line uses no chemicals, and is full of anti-oxidants. It is extremely lightweight and has a watermelon scent. I love the website because they break down every ingredient in the product and why it is there. It is perfect under makeup as it hydrates without greasyness. So get with Gr8skn, because unfortunately the craziness in skin and life doesn’t stop when you hit 20.

like my new eyeshadow. I have fallen in love with Nomad Cosmetics Havana Eyeshadow in La Playa. I use this shadow on both my eyelids and cheek bones as a highlighter. The pigment is strong and lasting. The product is made with skin conditioning ingredients for a lightweight finish. The packaging is super cute and uses “SensExperience” technology that adds a unique scent. The whole line is peta certified cruelty free and contains no parabens and phthalates. So take your makeup and packaging to the next level with Nomad, and leave the other stuff for the lightweights…


your fragrance! It’s the gift giving season. And if you’re giving or getting perfume this year, why not make it last with FragranceLock. It is a perfume finishing spray that is designed to make your scent last longer. “It acts by leaving a breathable mesh on the skin decelerating fragrance’s natural evaporation cycle”. Your perfume isn’t cheap, and neither are you….so make it last!


and smell like summer, with Tilly perfume by Rosie Jane Johnston. It is inspired by the beaches of Australia, and summer in Los Angeles. With notes of grapefruit, Pineapple, and Gardenia. It is warm , sensual, delicate, made with pure essential oils and the highest quality ingredients. The scent lasts an extremely long time. So roll it on and it will last when your clothes are off.

Not just to be paired with Vodka anymore. Now Golden Caviar has taken this superpower from the Caspian sea and made it into a skincare line- to firm, lift, and even, your skintone. My fave product in the line is the Caviar Day Cream, which has an amazing scent, and leaves a silky smooth finish. So get glowing with Golden Caviar and get going with your hot nights…..

With Royal Apothic roll on extracts.  These fragrant, convenient, roll on perfume oils are made up of the individual notes used when blending the signature royal apothic fragrances. So you can use just one , or mix them up to create your own personal scent. My favorites are Pink Champagne, Pomegranate, Earl Grey, and Macaroon. So role on some Royal Apothic, before rolling around in bed….

VIVALISbatisteblush 002And you can have it. With the UK’s #1 selling dry shampoo,Batiste! Not only does this product leave your hair feeling clean, it adds much-needed oomph and style. My favorite is Blush, because of its light floral scent. So get Clean and Fresh with body, a hard body….

PFB Vanish is the best thing for men and women that shave, wax, pluck, or laser. It comes in a convenient roll on applicator, so no need to rub in , and it’s super easy to apply. It prevents and heals ingrown hairs, razor burn, and bumps, from all types of hair removal. Use it morning and night, pre hair removal, and daily after , for best results.  PFB Vanish has a soothing moisturizer,  a pleasant scent, and leaves zero residue. So roll it on, and take it off…..

There are many brands of dry shampoo out there, I have tried a few. My favorite is Psssssst Instant Spray Shampoo. The reasons this is my favorite are; it’s clear ( i don’t like the colored one’s), It works, It does not leave a residue, has a nice scent, it’s cheap, and gives super volume. I buy this at my local Ricky’s , but I’m sure you can find it online or at certain drugstores. You’ll definitely love the look it gives. No one has to know your dirty little secret 😉

Why in my beauty blog am I writing about men’s armpits? Because this stuff smells amazing! I’m talking about Right Guard Sport 3D Odor Defense. My man refuses to wear cologne. I grew up with all Italians so I can not comprehend his reasoning. He babbles something about real wall street men don’t wear cologne, or some nonsense like that. I have found the saving grace in our relationship is his deodorant. It not only keeps him from smelling icky, but it’s scent is so strong and yummy ,it seems like a cologne to me. The only problem is I have developed a habit of smelling his armpits… public.