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with Kerabotanica hair perfume. Kerabotanica uses natural fragrance that does not dry out your hair. It hydrates, conditions, and shines. They use no sulfates, chemicals, gmo or phthalates. I’ve tried and loved them all. This summer I always keep the ‘Shore to Please Beach Girl’ in my bag. It has a natural UV protection and a sweet smell. There’s also the ‘You had me at hello sea salt mist’ for volume and beachy waves. So up your fragrance game with Kerabotanica, because Love is in the Hair….

or maybe it’s me? I’m drenched in Serge Lutens scents this summer. His various perfumes cover an array of fragrances. My favorites are the lighter, powdery ones I’ve listed here. When asked of Serge,”What is your current philosophy with regard to perfume?” his response is – “Perfume resides at the very heart of us. It is a means of self-expression. It is the dot on our “I”, a way of contemplating ourselves and sensing who we really are. It is also, in some ways, a weapon which seduces more by consequence than design. Perfume exists in the first person. 
I’m using;


La religieuse

Deliver us from Good! Jamine petals are as white as snow. Black is my religion.


Nuit de cellophane

“when, beneath its cellophane, Haute Couture was but yet an idea.

Are you familiar with the scent of osmanthus? The flower is white or tinged with orange.
From the tight clusters of its petals bursts the scent of jasmine laced with mandarin orange.
On hot summer days, it provides a breath of fresh air.

Clair de musc

 Lighter than ever, it holds out the promise of a caress.

The musk walks in moonlight, a wild beast tamed.


your fragrance! It’s the gift giving season. And if you’re giving or getting perfume this year, why not make it last with FragranceLock. It is a perfume finishing spray that is designed to make your scent last longer. “It acts by leaving a breathable mesh on the skin decelerating fragrance’s natural evaporation cycle”. Your perfume isn’t cheap, and neither are you….so make it last!



For a limited time CVS is carrying Snap perfumes. They are a portable, light-weight, compact size perfumes that comes in a variety of scents for men and women. I have been using Snap 1 for her. The Top note is Tunisian Orange and Italian Mandarin. The Heart Note is Parisian rose, Gardenia, and Wild Orchid. The Base is white musk and cedarwood. The line is made of environmentally friendly materials and is 100% recyclable.  So snap on a beautiful scent and let someone unsnap your…..


leila louwith Leila Lou,roll on perfume, by Rosie Jane. This scent has notes of pear , jasmine, and fresh cut grass. Perfect for a summers day. Like all Rosie Jane products it is paraben, sulfate, phthalate ,and phosphate free. Just essential oils and the finest ingredients. So roll on Leila Lou and go play…

and smell like summer, with Tilly perfume by Rosie Jane Johnston. It is inspired by the beaches of Australia, and summer in Los Angeles. With notes of grapefruit, Pineapple, and Gardenia. It is warm , sensual, delicate, made with pure essential oils and the highest quality ingredients. The scent lasts an extremely long time. So roll it on and it will last when your clothes are off.

Mane Teeze hair perfume
with Mane Teeze by T&M! Haut Mess is a chocolatey, caramel smell in Mane Teeze’s hair perfume line. The smell is less “foody” and more spicey.  It is also available in Social Butterfly and Black Widow scents. This hair perfume has a higher concentrate than your average perfume, so three sprays is more than enough. So freshen up with Mane Teeze and leave your scent on someone’s pillow….

I love going to Victoria’s Secret, and it has nothing to do with my current shopping addiction. I leave the store smiling, because I’m in scent heaven. I don’t leave until every exposed body part has been sprayed with something different and mesmerizing. Here are my top 2.

1)Sexy Little Things Noir-blend of sparkling nectarine, sultry amber and exotic cattelaya orchid

Fragrance type: fruity floral
Top notes: nectarine, juicy apple, sparkling citrus, pineapple, guanabana, mouthwatering pear, red fruit, bergamot
Middle notes: cattelaya orchid, muget, cyclamen, jasmine petals, plum, vanilla, dewberry, cassis
Low notes: golden amber, velvet musk, sultry woods, tonka bean

2)Dream Angels Heavenly –blend of white peony, soft vanilla and creamy sandalwood

Fragrance type: vanilla oriental

Top notes: quince, cardamom

Middle notes: white peony, freesia

Low notes: white musk, sandalwood, vanilla