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your haircare routine. I have a new must have to add to the arsenal. I’m talking about Fave 4’s Texture Takeover hairspray. This hairspray is the perfect mix of hold with texture. It’s more touchable than most texture sprays. It gives oomph to drag hair, and wow to any style. It adds a sexy boost to your finished look. It’s a weightless lift that also has a dry shampoo functionality to it. It has a luscious agave pear smell. So get bigger, sexier hair with Fave 4, don’t worry- it happens to have a small price tag…

and thanks to Label M haircare I’m keeping it that way. “Label.m is an award-winning, fashion-inspired, global haircare brand and the official haircare product of London Fashion Week.” I have been using their Brunette Texturising Volume Spray and Dry Shampoo. The Volume Spray is a dry mist that adds major texture and height without weight. It has the hold of hairspray while providing root lift. The Dry Shampoo uses rice starch to lift oils from scalp and leave a matte texture for a velvety finish. I have also been enjoying the Diamond Dust collection. It uses diamond dust particles to transform hairs condition and radiance. The shampoo exfoliates and removes build up while the conditioner leaves shiny soft strands. The Leave in Creme hydrates and protects from heat damage. So get with Label M for bigger, better, softer hair, and leave em in the dust…

if you’re lucky David Evangelista will style your hair. If you can’t get to him, the next best thing is to get with his amazing product line. My favorites are; HD Hold hairspray, Hush Volumizing Dry Shampoo, and Glisten Shine spray. HD Hold allows your hair to maintain style while still being touchable and soft. It hydrates and conditions, as well as enhancing elasticity. Hush leaves your hair feeling clean with added volume and lift. There is no powdery residue. Glisten is great for when you want to add shine without weight. It is silicone free which is important because overtime silicone can damage the hair shaft. So get with David Evangelista hair care, and let someone else get their hands on you….

Dry shampoo is a must have these days. Skipping a wash is healthier for your hair and saves major time. Although I usually use aerosol brands, I’ve recently become impressed with Skinny Skinny Dry Shampoo. I have their black pepper and rose variety. It’s 100% organic and easy to use. Just sprinkle it on your scalp or dust it with a powder brush- then brush it through. So get with skinnyskinny and use your extra time for fun….

VIVALISbatisteblush 002And you can have it. With the UK’s #1 selling dry shampoo,Batiste! Not only does this product leave your hair feeling clean, it adds much-needed oomph and style. My favorite is Blush, because of its light floral scent. So get Clean and Fresh with body, a hard body….

Oribe has come out with a Dry Texturizing Spray that is revolutionary. It’s like dry shampoo, meets hairspray, meets volumizer, meets the beach! It adds lift and texture, with loads of volume, and zero residue. Plus, it has awesome ingredients that hydrate, smooth, nourish, add shine, and condition. So get texturizing , because bigger hair = smaller hips ;)…..

There are many brands of dry shampoo out there, I have tried a few. My favorite is Psssssst Instant Spray Shampoo. The reasons this is my favorite are; it’s clear ( i don’t like the colored one’s), It works, It does not leave a residue, has a nice scent, it’s cheap, and gives super volume. I buy this at my local Ricky’s , but I’m sure you can find it online or at certain drugstores. You’ll definitely love the look it gives. No one has to know your dirty little secret 😉

I try to wash my hair as little as possible. Dry shampoo and my scalp have become close friends. But my long strands yearned for attention. That is until they hooked up with T3 Orlando Pita Renew Dry Conditioner. The benefit of using this is to bring back the softness and salon finish look to your hair. It’s super lightweight, which is important considering your putting it on your stinky unwashed hair that has enough grease to make a mechanic jealous. It has a pleasant smell, completely colorless, and is full of healthy stuff. I’m tempted to spray it on all those that invade my personal space. You know who you are sweaty man always standing to close to me at the gym!