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Butter London’s So Buff Jumbo Hand and Foot Polish with Glycolic Acid is my favorite hand product I have found in a long time. It is not just for your hands. It is designed for feet as well, and of course you could use it where you choose like elbows and any other rough spot that needs attention. You simply massage the product onto your skin for a few seconds and then rinse off. I immediately noticed a super softness once I dried my hands and feet. I follow this treatment with their Extra Whip Hand & Foot Treatment for a fully pampered experience. I love that this not only softens but exfoliates as well. It’s packed with antioxidants, and the physical exfoliants are gentle yet effective. It has a nice delicate smell. I think it would be good for most skin types. Sensitive skin may want to spot treat. I recommend using SPF on your hands in the daytime.

my skincare on my face. Because I use Lantree Sculpting 3D Serum. This serum has multiple rollerballs on the applicator that massage your skin and enhance the production of collagen. It is designed to minimize skin pores and moisturize the skin. So get with Lantree and keep rolling…
find yours with SimySkin. I have been using their Phase 2 Eye serum. It is designed for the specific needs of those age 25-45. With SimySkin you pick your products based on what phase (age group) you are in. This potent serum is designed for the Prevention phase, – like fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. It uses Dipeptide-2 to condition skin and improve hydration. While Hesperiden Methyl Chalcone fights discoloration and Lipopeptide pal-GQPR improve firmness. It has a  massage ball applicator tip to apply with. So start preventing with SimySkin, and enjoy the Phase…

s1186949-main-heroRen skincare’s Rosa Centifolia No. 1 Purity Cleansing Balm. This is my new favorite night time face wash. It is a rose infused cleansing balm. It starts out like a coconut oil consistency, you rub it between your hands and it turns to a think oil. Then massage for 1-2 minutes. When you apply water it gets milky, and then the final step is to remove with the included muslin cloth. My skin feels so clean and soft when I’m done. It even removes the blackest of black eye makeup. So be the balm and use it to….

face and body, you can use Spa Sonic. I love this tool, and I use it day and night. This skin care face and body polisher is dermatologist approved, and budget friendly. The brush heads are gentle, and clean thoroughly. The piece comes with four different attachments. There is a small facial brush that is soft designed for tender facial skin. It will exfoliate and remove any dirt and makeup from the day. The Large Brush is for the body, and will clean completely without irritation. There is a facial sponge that allows the product to be better absorbed into the skin. It will massage skin, and tighten pores. Lastly, there is a pumice attachment to scrub away rough spots on your feet and anywhere else that needs extra work. The Spa Sonic comes in white, lavender and pink – and can be found at target, walgreens and Batteries are included, so save those for something else…… 😉

oseathis instant with Osea Malibu Black Algae Mask. This is a great mask for your arsenal. Use it to revive skin from overexposure to sun and pollution. It leaves you looking fresh, rejuvenated,and glowing. You leave it on for 10 minutes to dry. Then gently massage it in to your skin further, to activate the micro black jojoba spheres for deeper exfoliation. It is made with marine silt and pure fig extract. Use Osea to get powerful anti oxidants and powerful admirers….



With Butter by Keba. These hand-made moisturizing products are heavy on fragrance, and moisture.The lotions are divine and the body butters are the best. The reason these butters impress me so much- is because how blendable and malleable they are. Unlike most body butters which are extremely thick and made for very dry skin, these body butters turn to a thin oil like, easily absorbed, fragrant lotion. There is also a very cool bath salt scrub, that can be used in the bath or as a massage exfoliater. So turn your skin to butter, with Butter by Keba and your men to putty……

I love Kushyfoot’s newest products. Their Flats-to-go are so important to have on hand. And unlike other roll up flats, these are super stylish. They are soft enough for super comfort and sturdy enough to wear on the roughest streets. Kushyfoot’s foot covers are a must have. They are extra cushioned where you need it, and cut super low so you can wear them with your hot pumps. They even come in Lace, which are made to show like foot lingerie. So get a foot massage while you walk with Kushyfoots, and a body massage when you’re off your feet ….:)

I love my Clarisonic Opal. This super cool device combines sonic micro massage with a proprietary anti-aging serum. You put a little serum on the tip and massage in circular motions on the outer eye area. It stops vibrating after 30 seconds so you know when you’re done. It looks great out on your countertop with its sleek design and coolest charger ever! I do not have wrinkles so I tested it on a few willing peeps, and it definitely showed results.  As for me, it helped give a more “awake” look to my eyes.  So look better with this vibrator and feel better with your own…um……;)