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my skincare on my face. Because I use Lantree Sculpting 3D Serum. This serum has multiple rollerballs on the applicator that massage your skin and enhance the production of collagen. It is designed to minimize skin pores and moisturize the skin. So get with Lantree and keep rolling…

3d_gelshine_topcoatyou don’t need them anymore. Not with Sally Hansen’s new Gel Shine 3D Top Coat. This is the best top coat I have ever used! It paints on thick and dries quick. It uses a unique Vinyl and Gel Tech formula. You get major shine and Volume. It will make your polish last much longer. There is no need for a UV or Led light. So turn them off, and turn things on…


serum-That Booty! Keep it looking good with Talika Back Up 3D. This cream is designed to Sculpt, Smooth, Firm, and Shape your Butt. It will combats excess water and smooths the appearance of cellulite. One of the main ingredients is Guggul. It is” an extract from an indian tree that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, particularly to give the frail more ‘body’.”I have just started using it, so can’t speak to results. I love the ingredients and think you should rub some on that booty too…..


Why in my beauty blog am I writing about men’s armpits? Because this stuff smells amazing! I’m talking about Right Guard Sport 3D Odor Defense. My man refuses to wear cologne. I grew up with all Italians so I can not comprehend his reasoning. He babbles something about real wall street men don’t wear cologne, or some nonsense like that. I have found the saving grace in our relationship is his deodorant. It not only keeps him from smelling icky, but it’s scent is so strong and yummy ,it seems like a cologne to me. The only problem is I have developed a habit of smelling his armpits… public.