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3d_gelshine_topcoatyou don’t need them anymore. Not with Sally Hansen’s new Gel Shine 3D Top Coat. This is the best top coat I have ever used! It paints on thick and dries quick. It uses a unique Vinyl and Gel Tech formula. You get major shine and Volume. It will make your polish last much longer. There is no need for a UV or Led light. So turn them off, and turn things on…


pick a cardand by you I mean Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure Nail polish. This summer I’m rocking their Pick a Card shade on my hands and feet. It is feminine pastel ┬ápink, that is heavy enough to be noticed. The Complete Salon Manicure polish’s give you seven Benefits; color,Base coat, Strengthener ,growth treatment, top coat, and gel finish. They have a unique precision brush to help keep it professional. So get it, in more ways than one, this summer…..

With Np2 nail polish. Np2 is a nail polish that comes with two bottles that click together; a high quality shade on the bottom, paired with an amazing top coat, that hardens and nourishes. This is the best polish I have ever used outside of a salon. I’m obsessed with their french manicure sets. I’ve been using Phenomenon, Addition, and Positive Charge. So get into Np2 and onto frenching…..