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face and body, you can use Spa Sonic. I love this tool, and I use it day and night. This skin care face and body polisher is dermatologist approved, and budget friendly. The brush heads are gentle, and clean thoroughly. The piece comes with four different attachments. There is a small facial brush that is soft designed for tender facial skin. It will exfoliate and remove any dirt and makeup from the day. The Large Brush is for the body, and will clean completely without irritation. There is a facial sponge that allows the product to be better absorbed into the skin. It will massage skin, and tighten pores. Lastly, there is a pumice attachment to scrub away rough spots on your feet and anywhere else that needs extra work. The Spa Sonic comes in white, lavender and pink – and can be found at target, walgreens and Batteries are included, so save those for something else…… 😉

makeup guard
with Ollie Girl’s Makeup Guard Card. This genius little tool will help save your face from makeup disgrace. It helps guide your eyeliner, keeps shadow from getting where you don’t want it, and mascara only on your lashes. It’s only $8.95 for a 2 pack. So get your Guard up with Ollie Girl while you let your guard down…….