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makeup guard
with Ollie Girl’s Makeup Guard Card. This genius little tool will help save your face from makeup disgrace. It helps guide your eyeliner, keeps shadow from getting where you don’t want it, and mascara only on your lashes. It’s only $8.95 for a 2 pack. So get your Guard up with Ollie Girl while you let your guard down…….

My eyeshadows. That’s why I’ve been using Hakansson shadows. The color is long lasting, and the texture is silky smooth. Hakansson makeup is made to nourish your skin with ingredients like apricot oil, protective beeswax, and vitamin E. Check out White cloud, Rosedust, and Clay – for a smokey eye look on a smoking hot date….

Billion Dollar Brows, or BDB, is like professional brow shaping for dummies. They’re products are top of the line, and easy to use. The tweezers are the best I have ever used. The brow shadow is creamy and super blendable. Check out their site and read more about Brow Boost (makes your overplucked brows grow back), The Brow Buddy, (a tool that guides you to perfect plucking). And don’t forget to get  a highlighter for the brow bone. If you don’t highlight the brow bone it’s like getting in shape and wearing over sized sweats. So give your brows a boost, and your social calendar….