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with Beauty Beam. This is a small, easy to use, light that attaches to all your beauty tools. From tweezers to lip gloss. They come in a range of colors, and are extremely affordable. $9.99 on amazon. So light up your beauty routine with these beams, and turn the lights out….

crown hdof brushes. I’m talking about Crown Brush HD Set with Mirror and Tweezer. This 6 piece set comes in three colors – white, orange, and purple. It includes 6 brushed made for applying high definition cosmetics, and a pair of great tweezers. The brushes are Made with high-grade synthetic fiber, and are vegan friendly. My readers can get 20% off this set at code  iFabboHD. But hurry, it expires  12/31/2013. So get with Crown and pick up the good stuff….

Billion Dollar Brows, or BDB, is like professional brow shaping for dummies. They’re products are top of the line, and easy to use. The tweezers are the best I have ever used. The brow shadow is creamy and super blendable. Check out their site and read more about Brow Boost (makes your overplucked brows grow back), The Brow Buddy, (a tool that guides you to perfect plucking). And don’t forget to get  a highlighter for the brow bone. If you don’t highlight the brow bone it’s like getting in shape and wearing over sized sweats. So give your brows a boost, and your social calendar….