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and you can get just that with SmudgeFixx. This portable kit contains a pod of concealer to touch up your eye area, a compact mirror to see what you’re doing, and mini aloe vera wipes to wipe away any makeup mistakes. It’s great to keep in your purse, gym bag, or in your car. So fix your makeup mistakes with SmudgeFixx, sorry it can’t fix your dating mistakes…


crown hdof brushes. I’m talking about Crown Brush HD Set with Mirror and Tweezer. This 6 piece set comes in three colors – white, orange, and purple. It includes 6 brushed made for applying high definition cosmetics, and a pair of great tweezers. The brushes are Made with high-grade synthetic fiber, and are vegan friendly. My readers can get 20% off this set at code  iFabboHD. But hurry, it expires  12/31/2013. So get with Crown and pick up the good stuff….

I am an organization freak. I love everything to be in order, clean , neat, tidy, and perfect. This is one of the Many reasons I love my Cat Cosmetics Six Kitten. Cat Cosmetics is a fun, high quality, brand. A uniquely wonderful thing about her products is that you can create your own pallets to contain your faves. I use there already selected pallet ,the Six Kitten. It comes with a double ended makeup applicator and large mirror. My favorite of the six is a three-way tie between the cat & mouse lip gloss, whiskers blush, and Eartha Cat eye shadow duo. Check out this brand and try it yourself and become a perrrrrfect little sex kitten…..