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and you can get just that with SmudgeFixx. This portable kit contains a pod of concealer to touch up your eye area, a compact mirror to see what you’re doing, and mini aloe vera wipes to wipe away any makeup mistakes. It’s great to keep in your purse, gym bag, or in your car. So fix your makeup mistakes with SmudgeFixx, sorry it can’t fix your dating mistakes…


and you should be too! Adventuress is “founded on the principle of providing active women with a simplified and protective skin care routine”. Developed by Michele Carter, an outdoor enthusiast and passionate motorcyclist. The line combines some of the worlds most healing ingredients, that nourish, boost, and restore your outer shield.  My favorite products in the line are the Sunscreen Swipes and Fearlessly Refreshing Facial Wipes. These handy wipes are designed for when you’re on the go, with just the exact dosage needed in each packet. I keep a few of the facial wipes in my purse for when I end up sleeping somewhere with out makeup remover. So get Adventuress and be prepared for a fun night….

For gentle care down there you want to get familiar with Healthy Hoohoo. All their products are PH balanced, Paraban, and fragrance free. Their options range from feminine wipes to foam or regular cleanser. This line is developed by a woman, with all natural ingredients. So take care of your hoohoo and enjoy it ;)…..