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to soothe a lot with EpiMD. EpiMD is a moisturizer developed for mature skin crated by Dr Amy E Newburger. She is a dermatologist with many 65+ patients. She was inspiried to create a product to fight age related dryness. I do not have mature skin, and yet, my body loves it. The Moisturizer contains a unique blend of ceramides and botanical oils. It is designed to hydrate skin as well allow skin to retain it’s moisture. It is gentle, non greasy, and fragrance free. It’s easy to purchase on Amazon. So get silky skin with EpiMd, and keep everyone guessing just how young you are….

olfactory of 3and Jasmine Bubbles are names of the candles in the 50 Shades set from Old Factory. I love Old Factory and you should head over to amazon to get some immediately. They are hand poured in the USA, made of natural soy wax, and have self trimming cotton wicks. They use premium fragrance oils, and burn even for 20 hours. Each gift set is themed around a group of related fragrances. Be picky about your candles, like your men, and enjoy…..


with Beauty Beam. This is a small, easy to use, light that attaches to all your beauty tools. From tweezers to lip gloss. They come in a range of colors, and are extremely affordable. $9.99 on amazon. So light up your beauty routine with these beams, and turn the lights out….

I’ve discovered a company that takes care of me, and the world all at once. Yarok, which means green in hebrew, is a haircare company that is organic, vegan, free of- alcohol,parabens,sulfates, and cruelty to animals. 3% of its annual profits go to the Pachamama alliance that protects over 10 million acres of the rainforests in the Amazon. Right now I’m using Feed Your Ends Leave in Conditioner. It detangles and prevents damage from heat styling. So get with Yarok and help the environment, then get with a hottie and help yourself ….