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find yours with SimySkin. I have been using their Phase 2 Eye serum. It is designed for the specific needs of those age 25-45. With SimySkin you pick your products based on what phase (age group) you are in. This potent serum is designed for the Prevention phase, – like fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. It uses Dipeptide-2 to condition skin and improve hydration. While Hesperiden Methyl Chalcone fights discoloration and Lipopeptide pal-GQPR improve firmness. It has a  massage ball applicator tip to apply with. So start preventing with SimySkin, and enjoy the Phase…
I use a million different lip products depending my mood,situation, outfit,etc. I have recently added two new ones to my arsenal. First, for my gym bag, I now keep Ottilie & Lulu spf 20 moisturizing lip balm ball. This is perfect for they gym bag, because it comes in an unbreakable little plastic ball. You don’t have to worry about it getting smushed, knocked around , or melting. It smells like vanilla and feels great.
The next product I’ve added is J.R. Watkins Simply Mauve-lous lip tint. It is 100% natural, you feel it working the second you put it on. It feels light, like a chapstick, yet adds a simple natural tint to your lips. Perfect for when you don’t want a heavy makeup look, but you want to add a little protection and pop to your lips.  So add more to your lips and do more with them ;)….
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