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I love Butter London’s P.D. Quick Dry Conditioning Drops. This innovative product is a game changer for my home manicures and pedicures. This is the type of product I will buy on repeat. What it does is quick dry your nails while providing conditioning ingredients and protecting from smudges. You simply use one drop from the included dropper on each nail. It quickly spreads to cover the surface. If it gets on your skin it is fine. It does not harden or need to be removed. I will never again use that horrible aerosol spray with the toxic smell that we all know. The finish is clear and shiny. It feels nice on the cuticle and gives an overall just polished look. The brand is clean and cruelty free. I tend to like most of Butter London’s products, but this might be my favorite one yet.

Butter London’s So Buff Jumbo Hand and Foot Polish with Glycolic Acid is my favorite hand product I have found in a long time. It is not just for your hands. It is designed for feet as well, and of course you could use it where you choose like elbows and any other rough spot that needs attention. You simply massage the product onto your skin for a few seconds and then rinse off. I immediately noticed a super softness once I dried my hands and feet. I follow this treatment with their Extra Whip Hand & Foot Treatment for a fully pampered experience. I love that this not only softens but exfoliates as well. It’s packed with antioxidants, and the physical exfoliants are gentle yet effective. It has a nice delicate smell. I think it would be good for most skin types. Sensitive skin may want to spot treat. I recommend using SPF on your hands in the daytime.

Butter London’s Champagne Fizz Manicure Candle Intensive Nail and Cuticle Treatment Candle is a great gift idea. The candle smells wonderful and has a pretty look to it. The “wax” is made of Soybean and Coconut oils and the wick is 100% cotton. I appreciate this as it does not add toxins to the air. The holder has a spout to easily pour the oil out. I dipped my finger in to the melted oil and dabbed it on each cuticle for an easier way to apply. The oils are hot but didn’t burn right after blowing out the candle. I would be cautious on certain body areas but on my hands it felt lovely;)