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I can’t fix everything, but I can help your face. Try Exuviance DePuffing Eye Serum. The serum works, and the triple micro-roller applicator is cooling to the touch. It uses microcircultaion to strengthen fragile skin, and reduce the pooling that leads to puffiness. It will firm and tone the eye area, and stimulate circulation. There is caffeine in it to invigorate, chamomile, green tea, and cucumber to refresh. So remember to get this, and just forget about last night…..

oseathis instant with Osea Malibu Black Algae Mask. This is a great mask for your arsenal. Use it to revive skin from overexposure to sun and pollution. It leaves you looking fresh, rejuvenated,and glowing. You leave it on for 10 minutes to dry. Then gently massage it in to your skin further, to activate the micro black jojoba spheres for deeper exfoliation. It is made with marine silt and pure fig extract. Use Osea to get powerful anti oxidants and powerful admirers….



I love my Clarisonic Opal. This super cool device combines sonic micro massage with a proprietary anti-aging serum. You put a little serum on the tip and massage in circular motions on the outer eye area. It stops vibrating after 30 seconds so you know when you’re done. It looks great out on your countertop with its sleek design and coolest charger ever! I do not have wrinkles so I tested it on a few willing peeps, and it definitely showed results.  As for me, it helped give a more “awake” look to my eyes.  So look better with this vibrator and feel better with your own…um……;)