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Tan in the Raw. Their Ultra Drying Body Shimmer is one of my favorite products fromĀ 2015. A total game changer. This is the type of product I’ll buy again, and again, when I run out. I love to use self tanner year round. While I love being darker, I hate the smell and sticky feeling. This product solves those two issues. It really works! You apply it as soon as your done with an airbrush session or your own sunless tanning application. It takes away the stickies and neutralizes the odor. It also has a subtle shimmer to bring attention to your bronzed body. So bronze up and smell as good as you look with Tan in the Raw…..

Keep your waves and curls frizz free with Not your Mother’s Kinky Moves curl defining hair cream. This sweet-smelling cream is infused with natural grape seed and jasmine to detangle, define, shine and protect. Kinky moves keeps your curls in control, while you are not ;)…….

I have tried many different self tanners. I continuously find myself going back to this one when I want results. I’m talking about L’oreal Paris’s Sublime Bronze Pro Perfect Salon Airbrush Self Tanning Mist. It has a 360 degree wide-angle spray top. There is no need to rub it in at all (no brown hands). It dries very fast, and does not have a fake tan smell. The color and coverage, which are most important, are impressive. It also does not get all over the place , like other airbrush types I have tried. Get Professional results, and men…..

I am addicted to moisturizer. I don’t know how people in ancient times lived without it. I guess they used olive oil and stuff? whatever, we don’t have to, because companies like Olay create amazing products like Quench Daily Lotion. I love this moisturizer, it is the perfect consistency (not too thin, not too watery), has a subtle amazing shimmer (not new jersey body glitter) and smells divine,. They just recently changed their packaging from the pretty purple bottles to a clean white look. It’s the same great product, with the same fabulous results. Your silky soft skin is sure to make others hard :O ……..