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With Authentic Skin Remedies all natural Organic Bath & Body line. This line was created by a Cancer survivor who wanted to change the way products are made. The line is 100% organic, and chemical free. The Bath and Body Luxe line is a three-step regimen. First is Polish. This is an Sugar exfoliating, natural buffing, formula for dry lackluster skin. It is a blend of organic brown sugar crystals, infused with essential avocado oil. This can be used on your face as well.
Next there’s Gloss essential bath and body oil. This softening oil contains avocado oil and sunflower seed oil. You can also use it tame frizz in your hair or soften cuticles. I like it as a pre shave treatment.
Lastly the Quench nourishing Face and Body Balm. This moisturizer leaves skin smooth and smells amazing! It’s made with Sunflower Seed oil and Shea Butter. “Authentic Skin Remedies employs highly active, hydrating trace minerals, pure vitamins, and live energy from plants that mimic the skin natural chemistry. By restoring its individual balance, you will uncover your true authentic skin. Authentic Skin Remedies offers highly concentrated plant-based skin care focusing on natural resources as the main ingredient, many of which are certified organic plant materials. All ingredients are paraben free and of course, cruelty free.” so get Authentic, and let people feel the results…..

I am addicted to moisturizer. I don’t know how people in ancient times lived without it. I guess they used olive oil and stuff? whatever, we don’t have to, because companies like Olay create amazing products like Quench Daily Lotion. I love this moisturizer, it is the perfect consistency (not too thin, not too watery), has a subtle amazing shimmer (not new jersey body glitter) and smells divine,. They just recently changed their packaging from the pretty purple bottles to a clean white look. It’s the same great product, with the same fabulous results. Your silky soft skin is sure to make others hard :O ……..