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my Supermile Quikee! this product is so cool. Just a drop of this whitens your teeth and Freshens your breath. You put a dab on your tounge, and rub it on your teeth for instant results. Get a Quikee at home,in the car, in a club, wherever 😉

I have tried many different self tanners. I continuously find myself going back to this one when I want results. I’m talking about L’oreal Paris’s Sublime Bronze Pro Perfect Salon Airbrush Self Tanning Mist. It has a 360 degree wide-angle spray top. There is no need to rub it in at all (no brown hands). It dries very fast, and does not have a fake tan smell. The color and coverage, which are most important, are impressive. It also does not get all over the place , like other airbrush types I have tried. Get Professional results, and men…..