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because they look amazing and are soft and shiny. My new favorite lip products is Locked & Lit from Smith & Cult. It’s a CBD lip balm gives the most perfect, natural, shine and look. It uses hemp derived CBD to soothe and protect. Coconut derived MCT oil provides intense hydration. I have the clear, which is green in the jar, and it gives the most perfect natural lip color boost. I love how long it lasts, as apposed to many balms that seem to dissipate in minutes. So pucker up for Smith & Cult and make your lips luscious…

fireengine_1with Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in Fire Engine. This is a perfect red. It’s bold, without being too trendy. It is lightweight, and has a subtle shine to it. So put some on and give some lip…..

I got a great manicure today. I am a creature of habit when it comes to my nails. I do clear on my hands and Essie’s Fiji on my toes. I’ve been using Fiji for 10 years now. It looks so good on tan feet. Today my manicurist suggested something amazing, and I was inspired to try something different on my hands. Here is the formula; 1 coat Essie True love followed by 1 coat Essie Sugar Daddy. The result is, perfect, sheer, natural, pinkish, fabulousness! So try true love with sugar daddy, it seems to work for a lot of chicks in hollywood ;)….

I’m screaming with ecstasy over one of my fave eye moisturizers, Yes to Carrots Moisturizing Eye Cream! The reason I’m recommending this eye cream is because it is the perfect consistency and weight. I find most eye creams are too thick and heavy. No matter how high quality the ingredients in an eye cream, if it’s too heavy it will cause aging or unfortunate effects. Yes to Carrots is parraben free, and full of awesome ingredients, like carrots (duh), dead sea minerals, and pomegranates. It’s also a socially conscious company that gives A portion of proceeds from every Yes To product toward the Yes To Seed Fund – giving kids fun and engaging ways to connect with Mother Nature and teaching them to lead healthier lifestyles. So get moist and get satisfied 😉 …..