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midnight_camiit’s so sexy, on my nails! I am obsessed with this color from Essie. I plan to rock it all Fall and Winter. It is close to black, which gives a daring rocker look. The hint of blue screams fashion. So put on midnight cami, and take off everything else!….

I got a great manicure today. I am a creature of habit when it comes to my nails. I do clear on my hands and Essie’s Fiji on my toes. I’ve been using Fiji for 10 years now. It looks so good on tan feet. Today my manicurist suggested something amazing, and I was inspired to try something different on my hands. Here is the formula; 1 coat Essie True love followed by 1 coat Essie Sugar Daddy. The result is, perfect, sheer, natural, pinkish, fabulousness! So try true love with sugar daddy, it seems to work for a lot of chicks in hollywood ;)….