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Giovanni-D-tox-System-Purifying-Facial-Mask-716237182814…of impurities, dead skin cells, black heads, pore blockers, etc. It’s easy with Giovanni D:tox system Purifying Facial Mask. The mask is full of natural ingredients, most importantly charcoal and volcanic ash.  The volcanic ash works to extract and absorb pollutants, while activated charcoal pulls the deepest impurities to the surface. Unlike other mud or clay masks, this one goes on smoothly and swiftly. As with any mask, my hotsytotsy recommendation is to do it twice a week right after a hot shower. It is around $10, which is super cheap for an organic,vegan, amazeball mask. An awesome bonus is 5% of all proceeds from any Giovanni D:tox system product goes to the National Breast Cancer foundation. So now that you did something good, go do something bad, very ,very, bad 😉

I’m screaming with ecstasy over one of my fave eye moisturizers, Yes to Carrots Moisturizing Eye Cream! The reason I’m recommending this eye cream is because it is the perfect consistency and weight. I find most eye creams are too thick and heavy. No matter how high quality the ingredients in an eye cream, if it’s too heavy it will cause aging or unfortunate effects. Yes to Carrots is parraben free, and full of awesome ingredients, like carrots (duh), dead sea minerals, and pomegranates. It’s also a socially conscious company that gives A portion of proceeds from every Yes To product toward the Yes To Seed Fund – giving kids fun and engaging ways to connect with Mother Nature and teaching them to lead healthier lifestyles. So get moist and get satisfied 😉 …..