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2242919Exuviance’s Daily Antioxidant Peel. It is a one step, leave on, daily, antioxidant peel. Made up of 10% citric acid- to neutralize free radicals, help prevent signs of aging, and exfoliate. In just a few uses you will notice smoother texture, and a more even tone in your skin. So swipe this pad on daily, and get that glow..

REV-labsresults! With Reviva Labs Collagen-Fibre Eye Pad Kit. This product is designed to diminish wrinkles, reduce puffiness and decrease dark circles. I don’t have wrinkles , so I can’t vouch for those results. However, after using the kit for 20 minutes I did notice more awake eyes, with less dark circles. It’s very simple to use. First you cover the eye area with the included Skin Energizing Gel. This gel helps balance and prep the skin for the Collagen-Fibre pads. You blot them with water to turn them into a gel like cover. Leave the pads on for 15-20 minutes. The Collagen instantly plumps and smoothes skin, while Myoxinol subdues the underlying cause of wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles for a smoother, younger appearance. So awaken your eyes with Riviva Labs, and look deep into someone elses….

Sultra_The_Bombshell_Plum_Nouveau_1_Rod_Curling_Iron__92033.1353087179.1280.1280with Sultra’s The Bombshell Plum Nouveau special edition curler. Other than the amazingness of it being an iridescent purple, this thing really works! It claims to curl and wave your hair in half the time, and it does. There is no clip, therefore- no clip lines. You just wrap your hair around the one inch barrel for a few seconds, pull the barrel out, hold the curl in your hand (covered with included pink glove) for 3 more seconds and boom- perfect curls. It is made of revolutionary Japanese Kyocera ceramic heater technology. The iron comes with an ironing pad to set it on and a styling glove, so your hot curls don’t burn your hand. Their website has easy to follow how to videos. So heat up the bombshell, and yourself…


and your beauty, with Naive Beauty Magneteyes under eye algae mask. This is a very cool, innovative, unique, product. These masks for your eye area help hydrate, firm and revitalize the skin. The pad interacts with your body heat and gives a cooling sensation when applied . As your body warms- the moisture rich serum is released, and absorbed by the skin. You use the product for 10-30 minutes to reduce dark circles, puffiness, and lack luster stressed skin. The main active ingredient is Sorbitol, which is an extract derived from algae. I’m really excited about this addition to my beauty routine.  You can do it anywhere , so find your favorite position…..

Spornette International recently sent me a bunch of brushes to test out. I was amazed by the variety and options. They have created a brush for every situation. Here is a rundown of a few ;
Ionic Convex Paddle=a convex shape lets you get a rolling motion for ease in styling ,distributing product,making flips,reduce frizz,moisturize and condition
Pink Paddle=ball tipped nylon bristles,flexible pad to thoroughly distribute product (contribution of proceeds go to american cancer society)
Pronto=hourglass shape prevents tangles,ionic tourmaline bristle,nano silver technology,aerated ceramic barrel
Prego=aerated ceramic barrel,tourmaline anti static bristles,nano silver ,non slip grip,great for bangs,
Coco=tourmaline,nylon,boar bristles,tourmaline coated quick dry barrel
Provo=contoured bristle pattern centers hair on brush,tourmaline nylon bristles,boar bristle,softened bristles
G-36=large diameter boar/nylon rounder,enhance styling,ideal for medium to long hair
There are a ton more. So brush your hair with a spornette and let it brush up against a hottie ;)…..