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2242919Exuviance’s Daily Antioxidant Peel. It is a one step, leave on, daily, antioxidant peel. Made up of 10% citric acid- to neutralize free radicals, help prevent signs of aging, and exfoliate. In just a few uses you will notice smoother texture, and a more even tone in your skin. So swipe this pad on daily, and get that glow..

while now your hair can have it! With 3 more inches Life Extending Haircare by Michael Van Clarke. This pre-wash treatment uses a unique cashmere protein & amino acid blend to slow the aging process, and help hair grow faster. The instructions suggest you soak your dry hair from root to ends, and leave on for at least an hour. Do this every other time you wash your hair. I’m a big fan of pre wash treatments and I like that this one is an “it list awards ” winner. So get with this winner for 3 more inches….