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Spornette International recently sent me a bunch of brushes to test out. I was amazed by the variety and options. They have created a brush for every situation. Here is a rundown of a few ;
Ionic Convex Paddle=a convex shape lets you get a rolling motion for ease in styling ,distributing product,making flips,reduce frizz,moisturize and condition
Pink Paddle=ball tipped nylon bristles,flexible pad to thoroughly distribute product (contribution of proceeds go to american cancer society)
Pronto=hourglass shape prevents tangles,ionic tourmaline bristle,nano silver technology,aerated ceramic barrel
Prego=aerated ceramic barrel,tourmaline anti static bristles,nano silver ,non slip grip,great for bangs,
Coco=tourmaline,nylon,boar bristles,tourmaline coated quick dry barrel
Provo=contoured bristle pattern centers hair on brush,tourmaline nylon bristles,boar bristle,softened bristles
G-36=large diameter boar/nylon rounder,enhance styling,ideal for medium to long hair
There are a ton more. So brush your hair with a spornette and let it brush up against a hottie ;)…..

I have had my T3 Featherweight Tourmaline Ionic dryer for over 7 years. It came to me from heaven and changed my life forever. This blow dryer has many incredible things going for it; weighs less the 1 pound, cut’s drying time %60, and generates negative ions and far-infrared heat (that’s science talk for leaves hair healthy and shiny). If you have curly or wavy hair the diffuser is fantastic. I highly recommend this dryer, but shop around because its expensive. But any man will tell you a good blow is worth it. 😉