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you need to relax. I am loving this unique find. It is MegRhythm’s Gentle Steam Eye Masks. They come in Lavender, Citrus, and Unscented. I got mine from Ulta. This single use eye mask uses inovative technology to heat up instantly. The steam warms and soothes tired eyes, and aids in relaxation. It’s great for the bath, travel, or in bed. All you do is open the sealed pouch the mask comes in, and the heat starts. I think it’s a really nice hangover aid as well.  So get with Megrhythm, and don’t let them know what you got into last night ;)….

with Babor Body Line Thermal Stop Cellulite Fluid. I love Babor’s fluids, for more than their results. They are just plain fun. They  come in a box filled with glass test tube thingyies. You crack the top of the glass off and use the fluid as directed. The cracking glass is the fun part 😉 I’ve been using their Stop Cellulite Fluid, and I am impressed! I actually am noticing results, and I definitely feel it. When you apply the fluid you feel an immediate cooling sensation, followed by the heat. Not a painful heat, more of an “oh ya this is definitely doing something” heat. So break open some Babor, and break some hearts…..

I have had my T3 Featherweight Tourmaline Ionic dryer for over 7 years. It came to me from heaven and changed my life forever. This blow dryer has many incredible things going for it; weighs less the 1 pound, cut’s drying time %60, and generates negative ions and far-infrared heat (that’s science talk for leaves hair healthy and shiny). If you have curly or wavy hair the diffuser is fantastic. I highly recommend this dryer, but shop around because its expensive. But any man will tell you a good blow is worth it. 😉