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REV-labsresults! With Reviva Labs Collagen-Fibre Eye Pad Kit. This product is designed to diminish wrinkles, reduce puffiness and decrease dark circles. I don’t have wrinkles , so I can’t vouch for those results. However, after using the kit for 20 minutes I did notice more awake eyes, with less dark circles. It’s very simple to use. First you cover the eye area with the included Skin Energizing Gel. This gel helps balance and prep the skin for the Collagen-Fibre pads. You blot them with water to turn them into a gel like cover. Leave the pads on for 15-20 minutes. The Collagen instantly plumps and smoothes skin, while Myoxinol subdues the underlying cause of wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles for a smoother, younger appearance. So awaken your eyes with Riviva Labs, and look deep into someone elses….

biobliss patch
with the Biobliss patch. These patches were developed to allow skin to fully absorb anti-wrinkle ingredients.  They use a proprietary ion technology to allow the Hydrogel to penetrate deep into the skin. This gel is made of 100% natural ingredients, hyaluronan, peptides, Moroccan Argan extract, and vitamin B5. The patches are available for forehead, under eye, and crows feet areas. You wear the patch on clean skin for 30 minutes or more and let the gentle micro currents do their thing. So get smoother younger looking skin with biobliss, and let it get deep…

aha replensing masquewith Priori’s Replenishing Masque. This is a very rich and creamy at home masque, for instantly younger looking and hydrated skin. It replenishes the skin’s natural barrier while revitalizing for a smoother supple appearance. Priori uses vitamins, antioxidants a,c,e and Pro-A to revitalize and fight environmental damage. You get a light exfoliation and major hydration in ten minutes. So rub in some Priori and keep it rich and creamy at home….

you may not go back. With Shea Terra Organics African Black Soap. This ancient formula naturally breaks down dead skin revealing firmer , younger looking skin. “It works like micro dermabrasion without the side effects.” Black soap formulas are carefully guarded by the Yoruban tribe in Nigeria. It is based on the ancient art of ash treatment. Shea terra has incorporated the black soap ash into healing oils and cures them into hard bars. So lather up with African Black Soap, and get with your darker side…

Look younger with H2O’s Sea Results Wrinkle Release Pen.  It’s an easy to use click pen. That smooths the look of expression lines and wrinkles, with an anti aging marine blend &  peptide fusion technology. It helps diminish expression lines, while blocking new wrinkles from forming. So release those lines and increase your social calendar…..