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Chris Ryan Photography

taking care of my skin with Numerology skincare. I have been using their AM/PM Repair Eye Serum and Repair Night Cream. The eye serum is lightweight whipped emollient gel that absorbs instantly. It is designed to increases skin’s thickness, refine the appearance of wrinkles and even skin tone.  It uses botanical solvents, and concentrated ingredients to make the skin firmer and healthier.  The Night Cream improves Collagen formation and reverses daily damage. It uses plant stem cells to plump and reduce inflammation. It also contains Niacinamide to strengthen and brighten skin. Frankincense fortifies and tones. MSM rebuilds damaged and stressed skin. There are a lot more powerful ingredients in these products which I recommend you head to the website to read about. So take care of your skin with Numerology and keep them guessing about your number….

Chris Ryan Photography


Exuviance’s Age Reverse Hand Rejuvenator Peel and Cream. It’s important to take care of your hands like you do your face. They show age and sun damage. This intensive two step peel treatment is formulated to lift away dull & rough patches, restore hydration, and diminish signs of aging. It results in firmer, younger looking skin. It uses 10% Citric Acid to exfoliate, while the cream hydrates and firms. So get with Exuviance, and grab on to something good……;)


Maxilip Lip Plumper wl
your lips! With Vivant Skin Care’s Maxi Lip. The packaging and product look like your average chapstick, but the effects are quite different. You will have softer, fuller, firmer, more defined lips with continued use. Maxi lip contains benzl nicotinate to increase blood flow, and peptides to stimulate collagen. In the beginning you will notice a tingling sensation but that goes away with in a few days. So skip the freaky fillers and apply Maxi Lip. Your mouth and others will thank you….

you may not go back. With Shea Terra Organics African Black Soap. This ancient formula naturally breaks down dead skin revealing firmer , younger looking skin. “It works like micro dermabrasion without the side effects.” Black soap formulas are carefully guarded by the Yoruban tribe in Nigeria. It is based on the ancient art of ash treatment. Shea terra has incorporated the black soap ash into healing oils and cures them into hard bars. So lather up with African Black Soap, and get with your darker side…

with La Peau moisturizer. This extremely popular moisturizer is fast absorbing and very rich in vitamins, with a uniquely light texture. You’ve probably read rave reviews in many fashion and beauty magazines already. La Peau stands by their promise that you will see visual results after just 28 days of use. Skin will look dramatically smoother and firmer with less pronounced wrinkles. So get with this rich swill line and a rich swiss lover….

is Babor. I love their Body Line Thermal Stop Cellulite Day Activator and Night Repair. The Day Activator is a light gel cream that is obtained from the yellow horned poppy and caffeine. It activates fat reduction in the cells and inhibits new fat deposits. You know it’s working because you immediately feel a tingling, warming sensation.  The night repair is a rich cream that leaves skin looking smoother and firmer. So rub on some Babor and show off your lines….