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25if you’re a bit of both, than get to know the 2013 holiday collection from Number 4 hair care and Maddyloo creative hair ties. I’ve reviewed Number 4 before. It is one of the best shampoo/conditioners lines I have tried. The Knot-ty or Nice holiday collection comes in two different sets.

set 1# “Sparkle & Spray” Mighty Hair Spray, Fluoro5 Elixer, plus Maddyloo Hair Band set
set #2 “Polish & Mist” Non Aerosol Hair Spray, Fluoro5 Elixer, plus Maddyloo Hair Band Set

The Madyyloo Hair Band set includes 2 hair ties and 1 black glitter headband.

All Number 4 products are lightweight, color protecting, anti-aging,vegan, gluten free, sulfate & Sodium chloride free, parablen free. I love the Fluoro5 elixir. It protects hair, adds major shine, and control.

Madyloo hair ties are no-crease and chic.
So get with this nice collection, and be naughty…

I usually feel guilty when teasing my hair. Though it is necessary at times for the perfect updo, or headband look. I can hear the hairs breaking and see the newly created fly aways. That is all in the past, thanks to Rsession Tools Teasing Comb. It’s got 3 rows in one comb! This comb was created by renowned stylists Frank Rizzieri and Kevin Ryan. It has 3x the teasing power of a regular single tooth comb, and wonderfully engineered with anti-static properties to eliminate fly aways. You can get this comb for $12.99 at, or ricky’s nyc. So Tease your hair to volume, and others to envy….