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Hard Candy. Their Spring Collection is all about getting attention.  The All Glossed Up Lip gloss offers hydration like a balm and the staying power of a stain. The All the Way Sheer Glow is a pearly highlighter that illuminates, while gradually building a lasting tan. The Poppin Pigments are multipurpose glitter for the face and body. Lastly the Nail Laquares go “from classic must have shades to vibrant cat walk hues and jaw dropping bauble glitters.” You can get this collection at Walmart. So sweeten up your winter rut- with some major color from Hard Candy, And let someone taste….

34-1this halloween, with SinfulColors and their Wicked Colors to trick out your tips. For 2014 it is a range of 14 colors from glitters, to glow in the dark.

Top Coats

Cauldron Couture: Wickedly glittery emerald   Glow In The Dark: Ghoulishly fluorescent

Mystery Moonshine: Multi-colored confetti   Splatter Spell: Gilded black flecks

Halloween Favorites

Black on Black: Dark-as-night black   Clear Top Coat: Scarily shiny topcoat

Cloud 9: Pumpkin perfect orange        Courtney Orange: Opalescent tangerine

GoGo Girl: Sleek & sexy candy-apple red     Let’s Talk: A royal purple hue

Pine Away: Glittering metallic green   Pumpkin Spice: Twinkling fall orange

Snow Me White: Bright white     Starry Night: A sprinkle of midnight stardust

These are only $1.99 at Walgreens and Target. So get your nails wicked and yourself in trouble…..

sheer lustrewith SinfulColors Holiday Tinsel and Sheer Lustre Glitter Topcoats. These polishes are only $1.99 at Walgreens. Holiday Tinsel is infused with glitter to give nails just a tinseled touch. Sheer Lustres are designed to be worn over any polish to add extra bling to any look. Both lines come in 6 different shades. SO have some fun with you nails, and let them lead the way….


25if you’re a bit of both, than get to know the 2013 holiday collection from Number 4 hair care and Maddyloo creative hair ties. I’ve reviewed Number 4 before. It is one of the best shampoo/conditioners lines I have tried. The Knot-ty or Nice holiday collection comes in two different sets.

set 1# “Sparkle & Spray” Mighty Hair Spray, Fluoro5 Elixer, plus Maddyloo Hair Band set
set #2 “Polish & Mist” Non Aerosol Hair Spray, Fluoro5 Elixer, plus Maddyloo Hair Band Set

The Madyyloo Hair Band set includes 2 hair ties and 1 black glitter headband.

All Number 4 products are lightweight, color protecting, anti-aging,vegan, gluten free, sulfate & Sodium chloride free, parablen free. I love the Fluoro5 elixir. It protects hair, adds major shine, and control.

Madyloo hair ties are no-crease and chic.
So get with this nice collection, and be naughty…

maddyloo-no-crease-hair-tieswith Maddyloo hair ties. These no-crease hair ties hold well without leaving a dent. They also look great when you’re wearing them on your wrist. Just in time for Mother’s day you can get their Mini Heart Box. I love this collection of stylish ties, some have rhinestones and glitter, and it’s only $15. So hold your hair with  Maddyloo and have someone help you get  tied…..

I’ve got them , you should too. They are temporary Lip Appliques that last up to 8 hours. There are tutorials on the website, and a range of colors and types to choose from. Violent Lips are vitamin enhanced and fda approved. You remove them easily with mineral oil, so don’t be scared. Have some fun with words, glitter, or your favorite sports teams colors. So get with Violent Lips and put a little love on your mouth….

If you are into the glitter trend then you need to get into Vincent Longo’s Diamond Body Spray. When I indulge in the glitz, I like it to be subtle and light. My favorite time to glitter up is when I’m in a bathing suit. These body sprays come in Gold and Silver. They are dry (no oil or liquid in the bottle) and scent free. The best part is the design of these nostalgic perfume looking bottles.Get your shimmer on at  So poof on shimmer, and attract more bling….

I don’t normally like body glitter, or make up glittery type stuff. I found something that somehow takes glitter and makes it slightly classy. Mattese Elite Stardust in Undress, is quite impressive. It somehow starts as a very loose powder and goes on with a creamy finish. They are geniuses over at Mattese Elite. My favorite thing about the Undress color is it’s not just a shine or a highlight, it goes on as a full flat color. A perfect shade for Blonds and Brunettes. Not sure about Red heads,…but you’re always just a step child aren’t you….