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now you can, thanks to Design Me’s Puff Me. This is a volumizing powder spray in a unique pump bottle. It gives you instant volume and texture. There is no mess or odor. I have very dark hair and the powder does not show at all. This is different then other volume sprays because of it’s texture and hold. It is perfect for an updo as well. It’s not the most touchable, soft texture, but who care’s when you’re going for serious look. So get with Puff Me and keep your hair, and standards, high…

I have a few gray hairs. No one knows, because I’m covering them up with Generation Klean’s Gray Disappear. It’s a mascara like wand, that quickly covers grays. It is free of parabens, sulfates, and Glycols, while being rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. It washes out easy with Shampoo. I love it when I have my hair pulled back in my Bend-a-Bun from Mia. The bend a bun is a no damage way to do an updo. So get with these quick fixes, and take time with more important things…..
bend a bun

I usually feel guilty when teasing my hair. Though it is necessary at times for the perfect updo, or headband look. I can hear the hairs breaking and see the newly created fly aways. That is all in the past, thanks to Rsession Tools Teasing Comb. It’s got 3 rows in one comb! This comb was created by renowned stylists Frank Rizzieri and Kevin Ryan. It has 3x the teasing power of a regular single tooth comb, and wonderfully engineered with anti-static properties to eliminate fly aways. You can get this comb for $12.99 at, or ricky’s nyc. So Tease your hair to volume, and others to envy….