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Pump some Wen cleansing conditioner in to your hair and be amazed with the results. I was skeptical at first, having been let down by many infomercial products in the past. I used the Wen cleansing conditioner, and styling cream as the DVD explained. It isn’t the fastest process in the world, but definitely worth it. This company takes natural ingredients to the next level. You’re left with amazingly soft and manageable hair. So get to pumping….


When it comes to hair, I gotta have shine. But too much, especially added by synthetic products, can give more of an icky oily look. For a fresh touch of shine that is weightless, and protecting, try Soekoro Shine Spray. This professional product seals the cuticle, which prevents moisture loss and color fade. So pump some shine in your hair, and save the oil for something else……….

From drab to fab! Yes I’m talking about hair again! There are thousands of shine products on the market today. One of my favorites is Citre Shine Anti- Frizz Laminator. This product is inexpensive, but works like the high price competition, if not better. It’s extremely light weight, adds tons of shine, and softens your overall look. It comes in a pump, but when my hair is a little extra out of whack, i spray it into my hands and run it top to bottom. It smells yummy and is full of protectors from heat and the environment. Lastly it is alcohol free, unlike you and I…….