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emjoiIf you’ve got one, then you’ve got to get the Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano Callus Remover.  This little device packs big power. It’s unique roller spins 360 degrees, at 30 times a second. It  gently and effectively buffs away hard,  jagged skin on the soles of heels. It makes doing home pedicures quick and easy. The Emjoi is safe and easy to use because there are no blades. It is battery operated and inexpensive. So get with Emjoi, and enjoy the foot fetish…




From drab to fab! Yes I’m talking about hair again! There are thousands of shine products on the market today. One of my favorites is Citre Shine Anti- Frizz Laminator. This product is inexpensive, but works like the high price competition, if not better. It’s extremely light weight, adds tons of shine, and softens your overall look. It comes in a pump, but when my hair is a little extra out of whack, i spray it into my hands and run it top to bottom. It smells yummy and is full of protectors from heat and the environment. Lastly it is alcohol free, unlike you and I…….

I love a french manicure on both toes and hands. It is a timeless classic look, yet so easy to make cheesy. I see girls all the time with oversized fake nails, too heavy a pink, and waaaaay too much white tip. The point of a french manicure is that it mirrors the look of a natural nail. When I do it myself, I have an inexpensive fave that I use for the pink color. It’s N.Y.C. Love Letters. This looks beautiful alone, and fabulous when paired with white tips. Keep your color classy when your hands are up to no good…….