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I’m a coffee addict and proud of it. I love my caffeine boost, so I decided to indulge with it in my skincare. You can as well, with Callyssee skincare. Callyssee is a line of caffeine based bath, body, and facial care. Every product has cold pressed, Organic Green Coffee Seed Extract. My favorite in the line is the Fresh Brew Facial Toner. Skin is left fresh and clean, with no tightness or sting. It also uses Chamomile flower extract, and Linden flower extract.  It’s alcohol free and perfect for all skin types. Use this toner to combat dullness and uneven texture. So perk up with Callyssee, and get your skin glowing and going…

if I get a zit! I have found my new favorite way to treat a pimple. I am using the Mighty Patch Original. They are hydrocolloid acne stickers that heal your blemish overnight. They are free of all parabens, alcohol, and sulfates. The patch turns opaque when it’s done it’s thing, and lets you know you can take it off. So clear your skin with Mighty Patch and get it done overnight..


Sweet Spot Labs has created a line of feminine washes and wipes that are gentle, natural, and ph balanced. The products have no harsh detergents, sulfates, parabens, phthalates or glycerin. The washes are coconut based with a combination of natural oils. The wash works great on your whole body. The ultra soft wipes are alcohol free and biodegradable. They prevent odor and help keep you fresh all day. So take care of your Sweet Spot, you only get one…


that’s why I’m using EverStyle alcohol-free strong hold styling spray. This product is made to lock in style, and resist humidity. I love that you can use it on wet or dry hair. It works best for me when I’m running out the door with wet hair and want that messy look to hold, and be frizz free. It does not leave your hair with a stickyness. So get ahold with EverStyle and let someone grab on…

with  Clarifying Toner from Beauty Rx skincare by Dr. Schultz. This toner is made to remove any dirt, oil, and dead cells your cleanser may have missed. It prepares your skin to better absorb your moisturizer. It is alcohol free, so your skin will be clean and fresh without over drying. The powerful humectants will enhance moisture retention. So clean up with Beauty Rx, and get dirty with someone else.

You can use toner, or you can use toner that smells like heaven. That’s why I’m using Votre Vu Fleur Blanc , a tonic for all skin types. It’s moisturizing, and soothing. It will  tone your pores and leave skin clean and prepped for moisturizer. Best of all it’s alcohol free. So Tone up with Votre Vu, and get comfortable in your skin….

From drab to fab! Yes I’m talking about hair again! There are thousands of shine products on the market today. One of my favorites is Citre Shine Anti- Frizz Laminator. This product is inexpensive, but works like the high price competition, if not better. It’s extremely light weight, adds tons of shine, and softens your overall look. It comes in a pump, but when my hair is a little extra out of whack, i spray it into my hands and run it top to bottom. It smells yummy and is full of protectors from heat and the environment. Lastly it is alcohol free, unlike you and I…….

BreathRX is my favorite mouth wash in the world. I’ve never used anything that comes close. It’s part of a three-step process involving brushing and tongue scraping. It’s alcohol free, antibacterial, and such a pretty blue color. If only they made mints for that certain someone who has no concept of personal space!