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KARORA-Karora-Skinwear-Collection-Group-Product-Image-2-2with Karora self tanner. This is the best Self Tanner I have ever used! My favorite is the Tinted Self Tan Mist. Not only do you get amazing color, but this tanner has skin conditioners & botanical extracts in it ,to leave you silky smooth. You get an instant glow, which helps with even application. It develops into a dark brazilian bronze, that fades naturally. Just spray it on the velvet soft mitt, and apply all over. I also love the Gradual Tan in Golden Girl. It has a light to medium sun kissed color. It allows buildable color, with major hydration. It is made with jojoba, coconut oil, rosemary leaf extract, vitamin E and essential oil of argan. So keep your skin bronzed with  Karora and show it off…


fake bake
with Fake Bake Flawless Self-Taning Liquid. This product is incredible! It is one of the top 3 best ever incredible! It gives you a perfect Golden Bronze, without smell, without streaking, and without parabens. The liquid comes with a soft professional application mitt and purple gloves, to protect your hands, and evenly spread product. Flawless dries fast, and will not stain your clothes. All Fake bake products moisturize, and protect your skin without clogging pores, or causing irritation. So look Flawless while you fake it…..

exfoliate with Chaacoca Moroccan Black Soap. After about five minutes in a hot shower, rub this soap all over and let it sink in for another five. Wash the soap off and use their Morracan Exfoliating Mitt and rub in a circular motion. You will be left with fresh, revived, new skin. I also recommend Chaacoca Ghassoul Mineral Clay body and Face mask. It is enriched with Certified organic Argan oil, and natural herbs. The results are immediate! Chaacoca is a great line of skin and hair smoothing products – check them out at So indulge in these products, and revitalize your body in more ways than one ;)…..