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fake bake
with Fake Bake Flawless Self-Taning Liquid. This product is incredible! It is one of the top 3 best ever incredible! It gives you a perfect Golden Bronze, without smell, without streaking, and without parabens. The liquid comes with a soft professional application mitt and purple gloves, to protect your hands, and evenly spread product. Flawless dries fast, and will not stain your clothes. All Fake bake products moisturize, and protect your skin without clogging pores, or causing irritation. So look Flawless while you fake it…..

with Grandoe’s Homespun Cozee Gloves. They are lined with fleece to keep your hands warm and comfy. The best part is the “snowfleece’ is aloe treated to soften your hands while you wear them. They are water resistant and retail for $35. So soften your hands while you warm them up,….and spark a fire….

With Cire by Grandoe touch screen compatible sensor touch gloves. These gloves are made to be used with your touch screen devices. Unlike other brands that attach the sensors to gloves, with Cire the sensor is part of the material the gloves are made of.  Now there is no need to remove your gloves when sending a text or playing with an ipad. So keep your hands warm with Grandoe, and keep your texts hot…


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