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with Grandoe’s Homespun Cozee Gloves. They are lined with fleece to keep your hands warm and comfy. The best part is the “snowfleece’ is aloe treated to soften your hands while you wear them. They are water resistant and retail for $35. So soften your hands while you warm them up,….and spark a fire….

Hush puppies are back, and better than ever. The famous brand has partnered up with Grandoe to create Hush Puppies slippers. I love my purple with plaid print ones, from their spring break collection. They are so comfortable!!  Not only are they soft, but they are super cushioned on the bottom. You feel like you’re walking on clouds. The outsole is super durable , so you can wear them outside too! They are perfect for the pool or any casual errand run.  My readers can go to and click on the Hush Puppy link for 15% off till May 31. Use promo code 15HUSH. So get comfy in your hush puppies slippers and strut your stuff….

With Cire by Grandoe touch screen compatible sensor touch gloves. These gloves are made to be used with your touch screen devices. Unlike other brands that attach the sensors to gloves, with Cire the sensor is part of the material the gloves are made of.  Now there is no need to remove your gloves when sending a text or playing with an ipad. So keep your hands warm with Grandoe, and keep your texts hot…


save 15% off your first pair by using promo code SLELEVEN when you purchase the gloves here