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natural-brow-duo-group-withswatch-06feb14-weblike me, with Pixi Natural Brow Duo. This is my new favorite brow product. One end has a waterproof brow pencil -with angled tip, for precise & natural-looking application. The other end is a tinted soft-hold gel. It keeps your brows in place, without a plastic look. It is available in three colors. This duo is enhanced with Vitamin E to nourishes & protects, Panthenol to strengthens brow hairs, and Vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant. So get with Pixi and get your brows in place, while you get out of control….


The new Elite Sculpting Tweezer from the Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection. It is crafted from pro performance stainless steel, and  has elongated, angled, tips that ensure complete accuracy. I found it is great at getting those thin little hairs that are sometimes hard to grab. So get with Joey Healy and tame your brows, even though the rest of you can’t be…..

I love Scott Barnes and all he creates. If you’re not familiar with this celebrity makeup artist, now is a good time to start. His books amazes me & and his products perfect me. One of my favorite tools is the Scott Barnes Cheek Brush. It is my go to blush brush. It picks up just the rights amount of blush, which many brushes fail to do. It is angled for perfect application. It does not shed, and most importantly it is the softest makeup brush I have ever felt!!!! Every time I put it to my face I feel pampered. Now your boyfriend can pay attention to your other cheeks……..