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I am a big fan of probiotics. Probiotics are necessary for your health, immunity, weight, and mood. Lately, I’ve been using Hyperbiotics Pro-15. It contains 15 Broad Spectrum Strains, and 5 billion colony forming units. According to their website that is the equivalent to 75 billion in normal probiotic capsules. It also includes a naturally derived Prebiotic, to encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria. The shelf life is guaranteed for 18 months. So take it once a day, and make your inside as beautiful as your outside…..

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The new Elite Sculpting Tweezer from the Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection. It is crafted from pro performance stainless steel, and  has elongated, angled, tips that ensure complete accuracy. I found it is great at getting those thin little hairs that are sometimes hard to grab. So get with Joey Healy and tame your brows, even though the rest of you can’t be…..

HD Ice roller home frontlike I do with SkinCool Ice Rollers by Hansderma. I have the Pro and the at Home. You simply keep these gadgets in your freezer and they are ready to relieve any pain or discomfort on your body. Best of all they revive your face. Amazing for post facial, mask, or hangover. They are perfect for your eyes and incredible anywhere redness or swelling reduction is needed. I’ve found when I have the flu it helps relieve the congestion and pain in my head. So roll with Hansderma and keep it cool….