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a slip tease. I wrote about my fave red find this year, but I wanted to shout out my 2nd fave. NYX’s Slip Tease Full Color Lip Lacquer in Dexter. This is like a liquid lip meets a bold gloss. It has major staying power and a beautiful amount of shine. It has an hourglass shaped applicator for percise application. It is lightweight and smooth with a vanilla scent. So be a Tease in Dexter, you can get away with it in red….


Woo More Play Coconut Love Oil. It is an all natural, Organic, personal lubricant. It’s made with Virgin Coconut Oil, Vanilla, Beeswax, and Stevia. These ingredients are free of chemicals, so it is even safe  enough to eat. Woo is hydrating, antibacterial, non sticky and long lasting. So don’t be shy and have better sex with Woo, we both know it’s the only virgin in the room..


lover. You will be to. Naked Princess invites you to “live the boudoir life”. It is a line of loungewear, lingerie, and cosmetics. I love everything on their site, but at the moment I’m most obsessed with the lip glosses. The Naked Shine line is a range of gorgeous, sheer, nude shades. It is lightweight yet moisturizing and creamy. The formula has a lip plumping peptide, as well as almond oil, babassu oil, vitamins c & e, and antioxidants. My favorite color is Barely Nude. It’s perfect alone and amazing over lipstick. I also love the Midnight Bloom body and boudoir spray. It is a sensual blend of vanilla musk, citrus, and eastern floral notes. So cover yourself head to toe with Naked Princess, and then get uncovered…..


Here’s what I’m snacking on this Fall.

Justins Honey Almond Butter
I eat it by the spoonful. It’s amazing almond butter with a ton of sweetness.
Chef Christy’s Raw cinnamon rolls
These are amazing and so filling, and somehow healthy! They are expensive, but soooooo yummy! “no gluten, no cholesterol, no sodium, no high fructose corn syrup, no eggs, and are also suited for specialty diets including sodium free, gluten free, cholesterol free, kosher, raw food, low carb, vegan & vegetarian diets.”
G.H. Cretors Chicago Mix popcorn
The perfect mix of sweet and salty.
Stonyfield  organic vanilla greek yogurt
this is just my favorite vanilla greek yogurt.
Laura’s wholesome junkfood
I go for the extreme Chocolate fudge. Cure’s your cravings without ruining your health.
So eat up…..


geisha_roll-on_perfumeswith Aroma M Geisha Perfumes Collection. This gender neutral line is an interpretation and update of the Geisha sensibility and the subtleties of Japanese incense.  Aroma M perfumes and perfume oils are “designed not only to smell beautiful, but simultaneously to enchant the mind and the soul- to help relive daily stress and promote composure and wellbeing.” My favorites in the line are listed below.

Geisha Pink                  a shot of sugared plum with fresh orange and vanilla.
Geisha Blanche            a blend of white flowers and lychee.
Geisha Green               the key aroma is absinthe mixed with black current,          mandarin,violet,amber,tonka bean.

So roll on some Geisha scents and be treated like the star you are….

hamadiusing Hamadi Organics Healing Serum. I’ve added this product to my nightly beauty routine. It’s made with Ylang Ylang,Vanilla, Bergamot, Palmarosa, amongst other organic amazingness. This product is a multitasker, but I use it to revive my split ends, and moisturize all over. I also like their Shea Spray, it’s a de-frizzing sun protector that will not weigh your hair down.So get organic with Hamadi, and get in bed more often…..