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take your vitamins. I have been using Lumity Life Supplements and I plan on sticking with them forever! They are clinically proven supplements, that help counter the nine causes of aging from within. They are designed to imrove hair, skin, nails, energy, and sleep.  Take 3 softgels in the morning to “spring your cells energy centers into action” It contributes to collagen and elastin formation in your skin, clear out toxins, repair oxidative damage and protect your DNA. the Night pills reinforce the antioxidant and anti glycation action of the morning pills. They natrually stimulate the release of human growth hormone as well. It’s free of all the bad stuff, like synthetics, parabens,sugar,gluten, artificial colors etc. So get with Lumity and keep your pretty glowing from the inside out.

This is an intervention, it’s time, get your ass to therapy! Beauty therapie of course. With Matrix’s Biolage hydrathérapie Daily Leave-In Tonic. This leave in conditioner will save your locks from the dry air, toxins, and tangles. Because it is super lightweight, I use a regular conditioner in the shower, then apply this to towel dried hair. It adds lots of shine and softness.  So save your money on your therapy bills, who needs Prozac – when you’ve got good hair?