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makeup guard
with Ollie Girl’s Makeup Guard Card. This genius little tool will help save your face from makeup disgrace. It helps guide your eyeliner, keeps shadow from getting where you don’t want it, and mascara only on your lashes. It’s only $8.95 for a 2 pack. So get your Guard up with Ollie Girl while you let your guard down…….

my lashes aren’t fake, I just get a little help from Essence cosmetics. They created an innovative product called Volumizing Lash Powder. It is very easy to use, and offers immediate results. Just apply one coat of your mascara, brush on a little Lash Powder (with the included brush) and finish with a second coat of mascara. Voila, longer lashes! It is less like a powder and more like tiny feathers. It is only $3.49 too. So extend your lashes with Essence and swear they’re real…

and so does curl and color. With your lashes of course. I am loving Talika’s Lipocils Expert eye lash conditioner. It is designed to lengthen, darken, and curl. I have seen a difference, especially on my bottom lashes. This product is drug free and has NO side effects. The end of the mascara like wand has a foam tip so you can also give attention to your lash line at the roots. Apply in the morning and evening for longer strong lashes, and men……

I’m referring to my lashes of course. I have Rimmel’s Sexy Curves Mascara to thank for it. Now, I have had many love affairs with different mascaras over the years. But this one knows how to keep me committed. I prefer waterproof mascara┬áin general, if you don’t, you’ll be happy to know they have a regular version. This mascara lengthens, separates, and curls. I haven’t touched my torture chamber aka eyelash curler in years. ┬áIt costs around $7 and stays strong for over 3 months. So throw out those fake lashes, because they look ridiculously fake anyway….someone had to tell you, you’re welcome