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with BeautyADDICTS ShowOFF mascara. It has a curled wand to create intense lift and curl. You only need one coat for major volume and length. The formula is made with Argan oil, to both condition, and protect. The brush reaches every lash and does not clump. So swipe some on , and get addicted too….

with CoverGirl’s Clump Crusher LashBlast Mascara. This mascara is amazing. I normally layer three different types, to get the effect this one gives. FIrst off, there are zero clumps! Second, you get major length and separation. Lastly, hello volume and curl! This mascara is my new favorite Drug Store find. So get with the Clump Crusher, and bat those lashes at the closest hottie…..

and so does curl and color. With your lashes of course. I am loving Talika’s Lipocils Expert eye lash conditioner. It is designed to lengthen, darken, and curl. I have seen a difference, especially on my bottom lashes. This product is drug free and has NO side effects. The end of the mascara like wand has a foam tip so you can also give attention to your lash line at the roots. Apply in the morning and evening for longer strong lashes, and men……